Another Milestone for the upcoming Community Fund

Another milestone for us! We are now 3 days live as one of the 471 nodes in FSN Network. Thank you Digital Ocean for hosting, making our Fusion Node secure and up and running 24×7 .

We are really excited to receive our staking rewards to start funding our community work project! More good news to come!

FSN node

Image taken from: FUSION Network Monitor

Giving Back to the Community

Our team is always on the look for alternative ways and now doing an unconventional (totally legit!!!) way for us to EARN and at the same time GIVE BACK to our community. ‍ HINT: NO selling involve and No shelling out of money.  Interested?

Email us at

Passive income is money you earn that requires little to no daily effort to maintain. In other words, something that you start once and continue to grow (even in your sleep!).

He's on his way!