Following your dreams and passions

Following your dreams, passions and still be able generate an income is a LOT (I mean spending hours and hours of sleepless night! 💪💪💪) of hard work. Oftentimes, it is very stressful and you can be easily sidetracked.

Start small. Keep your day job until your passive income is enough to sustain you. Join Pinoy WeDeFi Users Group to know how you can achieve this without shelling out money! 😳😳😳

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FREE Work Tools

Whether you are a professional writer or just a beginner, there are many factors to consider when selecting a grammar and speller tool. Do not purchase any paid tool without knowing its functionalities and uses. Most of the tools have free trial plans so try them before you buy. Below are some of the grammar and spelling checker that we have tried previously.

SlickWrite   – completely free, cloud- hosted
ProWritingAid – has free plan, Cloud-hosted, on-premise & open API
Ginger – has free plan, Cloud-hosted & on-premise
Grammarly – has free plan, Cloud-hosted

Please write in the comment section if you are using a tool that is not included in the list you we can add it. Thank you!

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