Earn Interest up to 20% per year

Earn Interest/Risk-Free & Safe Betting

wedefiUse your crypto assets to earn interest and play in costless lottery Safebet without ever giving up control or compromising on security.

Earn Interest: Earn up to 20% APY with the tap of a button. Join the new earning economy with instant access, no risk, and no lockups.

Risk-Free Lotto: Try your luck with Safebet, WeDeFi risk-free lottery. You get your money back, whether you win or lose. Take a chance at big prizes without getting burned

Decentralized, not Depersonalized: Usernames personalize the crypto experience while still maintaining your independence and full control of your assets

Your assets are safely stored behind military-grade security and only you have access to the wallet with your unique private key.

Click here for the youtube link

How to install for Android Users:
Use Referral Username: momgoalswfh2  to get extra rewards
1. Open link https://www.wedefi.com/ on your smartphone
2. Click “Get it on Google Play”
3. Click Install
4. Open the app and click on “Get started”
5. Register your mobile phone number
6. Click “Create New” and enter your preferred username
7. Click “Add referral” and enter referral username: momgoalswfh2 to get extra rewards
8. Click “Next” and save the phrases. If you lose access to your phone and you haven’t written down the phrases, you will NOT BE ABLE TO RECOVER YOUR WALLET.  It’s gone. WeDeFi does not store your key phrase anywhere in their servers.
9. Create a six-digit pin and click on “Claim Bonus”.  If the screen stops at “claim loading..”, close app then open again.
10. Check if you receive the WeDeFi signup Bonus (100 FSN)  + 30 FSN  if you put momgoalswfh2  in the referral code.
11. Done.

Source: WeDeFi Google Play    WeDeFi Website
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Username: momgoalswfh2
Short Address: 10357867
Address: 0x05a816015E1fA6Fc345846436d68504898630EF1

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