Following your dreams and passions

Following your dreams, passions and still be able generate an income is a LOT (I mean spending hours and hours of sleepless night!Β πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ) of hard work. Oftentimes, it is very stressful and you can be easily sidetracked.

Start small. Keep your day job until your passive income is enough to sustain you. Join Pinoy WeDeFi Users Group to know how you can achieve this without shelling out money! 😳😳😳

See you in the group to learn more! 😍😍


Another Milestone for the upcoming Community Fund

Another milestone for us! We are now 3 days live as one of the 471 nodes in FSN Network. Thank you Digital Ocean for hosting, making our Fusion Node secure and up and running 24×7 .

We are really excited to receive our staking rewards to start funding our community work project! More good news to come!

FSN node

Image taken from: FUSION Network Monitor